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Cron Desktop Viewer

Stealth Viewer is a powerful employee surveillance software for companies of all sizes. It allows you to view your employee’s PC and internet activities as well as prevent unauthorized use or misuse of your intellectual property. Stealth Viewer is a guard of high productivity and internet security.

Remote Viewing

Remote viewing allows you to view your employee’s PC activities live from where you’re sitting. It grants access to view his complete desktop to your local personal computer as an employer.

Discrete viewing

Discrete viewing prevents your employee from being notified of your activities. You can log in to view your employee’s screen at any time of the day and this feature ensures complete discretion.

Screen record

Screen record discretely screenshot’s your employee’s screen every 10-20 seconds (Set by you during product development). Once this is recorded – these will be saved according to date for you to revisit and check on your employee’s activities.

Cron Knox Security Systems

Knox security services is a security based software to monitor your employee’s day to day activities and ensure no loss of intellectual property for your company.

Web history logs

We log your employee’s browser history for you to review. Every website visited by your employee is logged by the minute.

Notifications as requested

Pre-flag any website you would like to restrict your employees from visiting. Any access will be notified to you.

Listed website blocking

Post notifying you of the unauthorised access to these website, they will be blocked from access. Hence, your employee’s will not be able to access any of these pre-flagged websites.

Port authority

This feature allows you to block all USB ports in your employee’s system, making sure there is not data transfer through external drives. Every port can be unfrozen for 15 minutes by the employer on grant of access after which it resumes its original frozen/inaccessible state.

Data monitoring

All data passing through your router will be logged. You can cross-refer and view the amount of bandwidth that was being accessed and by which employee. You can check the amount of data that was being uploaded and downloaded by each employee and create analytics using spreadsheets.

History logging

Since all the data is being logged – we can cross reference each employee’s work. All the websites accessed by a particular employee and the time spent on each website will be logged using this feature. This is keyword accessible and can be searched through by the employer.