Custom Software Solutions

About Us

Cronlogy Technology combines the power of creativity and experience to employ a highly skilled team of Software Development professionals who provide high-quality, high-value custom IT solutions to a variety of business enterprises. Our team is comprised of some of the industry's most widely recognized and talented individuals who have acquired extensive knowledge in developing both traditional and agile methodologies.

Cronlogy provides clients with a wide-range of solutions including web development, custom software development, software and web application testing, application development, and enterprise architecture consulting.

We deliver reliable, robust and effective information technology solutions that work. As a customer centric company, we strongly believe in quality of software, we give our hundred percent in turning your dreams into a usable and efficient product that exceeds market expectations in calibre. We dedicate our entire team to making sure you receive an end product perfectly designed, unique to your specifications and of high standards.

At Cronlogy, we like to prove that technology is an asset to your company and not a burden and seamlessly integrate it into your business for maximum profitability and productivity. We help your business grow in two fold, firstly by improvising on your existing technology to its optimized peak and also aiding you to invest in new potential software that might boost your business significantly.

We are a fully functional full-stack software services business that aids existing as well as new ventures to find innovative software solutions to their problem.


To provide our clients with world class software innovative solutions. We ensure customer satisfaction to an obsessive degree with customized and robust software that fits your requirement. We’d like to identify and develop growth opportunities that will ultimately result in exceeding customer's expectations, sustainable profitability, market share enhancement, and provide shareholder value. We strive to be the leading provider of information technology, business process outsourcing and consulting to make your business stronger, streamlined and optimized. Our present focus is helping software companies get more competitive through innovative product engineering models, helping Enterprise customers realize their business goals through technology solutions in the realm of Collaboration, Mobility & Analytics and to help build SharePoint based intranets and extranets to increase productivity and collaboration.


Provide our customers with the best end to end solutions for custom innovative software.